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10 Basic Characteristics Of A Top-Class Expository College Essay

An expository essay is the type of information in which the reader explores different aspects of the subject and explains it to the readers without being subjective. Unlike other types of papers, you are not supposed to take a stance or get into fiction work. All you have to do is to give definite and valid information about the given subject. You can use different methods to develop your paper as long as you are explaining the facts. When writing such assignments, you should be careful of the topic selection and structure because you do not want to waste your efforts by choosing a monotonous topic.

If you are to write an expository college paper, then you must understand the purpose and style of one. If you fail to address the core purpose of the assignment then you would not be able to pull off a winning assignment.

Here are some important characteristics you should remember while composing your paper

The basic characteristics of expository college essay

  1. Be very clear and straight forward about the subject you will address in your paper and why do you need to address it
  2. Use the second person to write your paper. You may use first or third person if specified
  3. To be able to compose an impressive paper, you should determine the writing style you will use to develop your paper. It can be analysis, comparison, cause and effect, opinion or definition but it has to be determined in the start
  4. Create your thesis statement in a way that you can break it down in parallel parts to create your major arguments for the paper
  5. Your paper should include valuable information about the subject without being biased in any case. It must represent valid and authenticated facts to support your stance
  6. The conclusion of your assignment is supposed to restate your thesis statement, suggest an action, show the larger significance of work or leave some food for thought for the readers
  7. Be precise and brief when you write your paper
  8. Each body paragraph in your paper should present a new idea and must be unique in content and ideas. Never repeat similar data in more than one paragraphs
  9. It is a good practice to include transitional hooks to keep the flow of your paper smooth
  10. Be mindful of the subject verb agreement and noun pronoun use of grammar rules