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A List of Interesting Essay Writing Prompts about Greediness

Do you know what is very important for a good essay? One of the main components that allow writing a good project is a strong and interesting topic. If you are given a topic that you don’t like at all, your project will most likely lack depth and catchiness for readers. That’s why, if you need to choose one of the suggested topics that your teacher has for you, try to choose the one you like most of all. If you are allowed to choose a topic on your own, you have more chances of composing a winning and interesting essay.

So, what is a strong topic? It’s the one that allows you to unfold it to the fullest and, depending on the type of the project, to express your own opinion and render certain facts about the opposite point of view. If you are in a search for a good writing prompt, try choosing something that lies within your sphere of interest. As a rule, the time given for such assignments is not very long, so you will hardly have enough opportunities to explore an area that is new for you properly.

Now, if you are choosing a topic from the ones that are suggested on the Internet, try to use them as samples, not as ready solutions. They are available to too many other students, so if all of you choose the same writing ideas, all the essays will be the same, after all. As soon as you need a unique one, paraphrase the offered ideas in your own way.

Below, you will find several available ideas for a project that is dedicated to greediness.