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Top 20 Creative Ideas For Writing A Reflective Essay

Reflective essays are different from other papers which require the student to write things like fiction. The reason for this is because they normally require the student to focus on their personal experiences and use these to write a good paper. At times you might be asked to write about something that has happened before, or something fictional. The following are some creative essay ideas that you can use to work on this paper:

  1. Describe what goes through your mind when you are watching the sun set
  2. Describe how you feel when you have your feet buried in the sand and water from the ocean rushes through
  3. Imagine the prospect of sitting atop a hill looking over the valley and reflect on this
  4. Describe the reflection in your mind when you are looking at a bird flying high in the sky
  5. Explain the feeling you get when you smell a flower
  6. Discuss the allure of picking berries on a warm Sunday morning
  7. Explain how walking through a forest on your own would feel like
  8. Describe the experience of climbing a mountain
  9. Imagine yourself swimming in a lake, and describe what happens in the process
  10. Explain what goes on in your mind when you are crossing a bridge and looking over the water
  11. Describe hiking along a trail with friends
  12. Explain how walking in the rain would feel like
  13. Picture yourself hiking in the mountains and describe the feeling
  14. Picture yourself hunting a bear, and write about the entire process, and a near tragic experience during the escapade
  15. Describe a place that you once worked on, where you work now, or one you would love to work on in the future
  16. Describe a town that you have really fond memories of
  17. Think back to your childhood and describe some of the best memories that you can conjure up to date.
  18. Imagine you are in an amusement park. Describe what goes on and how you spend the entire day in the park.
  19. Provide a good description of a restaurant or any eatery that you have fond memories of
  20. In life there are moments that we hold dear, moments that we cherish. Describe one such moment when someone told you they were proud of you and showed it in action.