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How To Create An APA Essay Title Page – 5 Essential Tips

Academic writing is not the same as what you might produce as an amateur essayist for fun.There are very strict rules that you will be expected to follow in order to receive the highest possible grades for your work. To add to the confusion, these rules vary across disciplines. As a student of the humanities you might find yourself expected to write using the Modern Language Association’s MLA style. As a business student, the Chicago style may be what your professor demands. In the social sciences (and especially Psychology), the American Psychology Association’s APA style reigns supreme.

A key feature of this style is the title page. As the first thing your professor will see of your work, it is crucial that you format it perfectly so as not to prejudice him or her against the rest of your assignment. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Read the style guide

The APA, like all other styles, is governed by a rule book that has gone through several revisions since it was first published. Get your hands on a copy of the most recent version and study it well. Some parts may be complicated but you should at least look at the way the creators of this format describe its use.

Look at the format as used by others

The descriptions in the style guide may not make much sense to you on their own so it helps to look at the work that someone else has done in the same style. You can search the web for examples of well formatted pieces or even ask your professor to see previously submitted essays from exemplary students.

Get assistance from a tutor

If you have accessed all of the above and till feel uncertain of how to progress, try asking a tutor to explain it to you step by step. This may be a lengthy process as some aspects are a bit complex but it’s worth it to sit through because you might end up understanding.

Use a template

This is a good last resort (although admittedly some people go to it first). Templates allow you to simple input the information relevant to your essay and have the title page appear. Some templates do this quite well, others do not so it helps to know the format well enough to tell the difference.