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Writing A Quality College Illustration Essay In 5 Steps

You will write this paper using tons of examples to try and explain a general idea. You will use facts and other specific information to try and paint a picture for your audience on your topic so that they understand it. There are five basic steps involved in creating a quality illustration essay.

  1. Select a topic very carefully
  2. The selection of your topic should be handled carefully. You want to make sure that you can write a paper that shows quality and is proper for your education level. The best way to do this is choose a topic that has been discussed in one of your college classes. If you don’t choose a sophisticated enough topic, you likely will not get a good grade on this assignment.

  3. Choose examples to illustrate your topic
  4. You want to choose the best examples possible for this paper. You have to make sure that you are choosing examples that will help illustrate your topics. This is how you will explain what your topic is to your audience. Providing good examples is the purpose of this paper so it is vital that you do it effectively.

  5. Create a plan and organize your examples
  6. Create an outline or plan out which order you want to present your examples in. It is usually best to either start out with your weakest example and work your way up to the strongest one or start with your strongest one and work your way down to the weakest one. You will want to have a logical order for your examples to help make your paper more readable.

  7. Add details to help clarify what you are trying to show your audience
  8. You will want to add as many details as you can to really paint that picture for your audience. Keep in mind that this is an illustration essay, so you want to illustrate the topic with your words much like an illustration would.

  9. Sum up your ideas with a conclusion
  10. Don’t lose steam near the end. You want to finish your paper with a strong conclusion to wrap it up. You will reiterate your main focus in the conclusion and work to hit on any key points by mentioning them here. It is a great way to pull it altogether so that your audience gets a clear picture of what you are trying to explain.