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The Best Strategy To Write An Essay About Public Smoking

When you are writing an essay on a controversial topic like public smoking, you better get your facts straight first. You want to be able to present your ideas in a logical fashion. The best way to do that is to know the overall method of developing an essay. Here is the ultimately best strategy to follow when you are working on creating an essay.

Step One: Narrow your topic

What about public smoking do you want to discuss? Do you want to discuss its frequency, legal ramifications, or popularity? Decide what about the topic you want to discuss in your piece. That way you can create a focus for your paper. You can’t write a successful paper without a focus. Your paper has to serve a purpose.

Step Two: Developing your thesis

Now that you have focused on a topic to write the paper on, create a statement for your piece. This is going to be what your paper is about. You will make the statement and then explain the reasons why. A thesis looks something like this:

A thesis statement is helpful because it explains what your paper is about, it gives your paper a focus, and it makes for a great transition.

Step Three: Create an outline

Organize your ideas into an outline. This is like a blueprint for what you will talk about. It should list your main points. That way you can organize them in the best way and have an idea of what you will talk about when it comes time to start writing your paper. You will really be happy to have this when it’s time to write.

Step Four: Developing you draft

Next you will develop your draft by beefing out your outline. Make sure to explain your proof and why the proof explains your thesis.

Step Five: Editing the draft

The final step is the editing process. Never skip this one. You will read through the paper and make sure that you have found and fixed any errors. This is an important step because you feel like you are done and if you don’t correct the errors, you may have worked really hard for nothing.

When you are writing a paper on public smoking, this is the best strategy. If you make sure that you have corrected your paper, you can be confident in your piece.