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A Selection Of 15 Original Evaluation Essay Topic Ideas

In an evaluation essay, you will critique the topic using the given criteria. You have to have support for what you think about the selected idea. So, you will state your main ideas and then you will move ahead with support for these ideas. You are evaluating the subject. Sometimes students struggle with developing a good paper idea, if that is the case with you, then use one of our 15 original essay topic ideas.

15 Ideas

  1. The Ipad as a textbook and its effectiveness (Ipad is the key word)
  2. Animal Right’s and the goals and missions (what are animal’s rights)
  3. Why living in outer space will never happen (what is outer space and why isn’t it habitable)
  4. What global warming is, how it is real, and what the effects of it will be to us (define global warming and go from there)
  5. Subsidized housing and why it does not work (how much subsidy is too much subsidy and what is subsidy)
  6. Core Standards and the negative effects on education (define what Core Standards are and what the original goals for them were)
  7. Obama Care (why it is or is not working)
  8. Cutting and teenagers (why)
  9. Required Community Service to graduate (who does it, doe sit work, and what is it)
  10. Social networks and young people (why they should not be allowed to use it and what is it)
  11. Athletes (are the y role models and what is a role model)
  12. Video games and violence (how much violence is too much and how to de we keep it out of the hands of children)
  13. Restitution to Native Americans (what is it, which tribes get it, what are the qualifications, and is it working)
  14. The Death Penalty (why it should or should not exist with an explanation of how it works)
  15. Deaths by the Police (why is this happening, is it just a part of the job, how can it be stopped, what can the public do to help the situation)

These topics can result in an interesting and an informative paper. You can find research on all of them. They are trending, but still well documented. Make sure that once you select your topic you make sure to follow all of your teacher instructions.