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An abortion is the medical procedure of terminating the growth of a foetus in the womb before it is fully formed into a child that can survive outside the mother on its own. If it occurs on its own in a spontaneous natural manner, it is commonly referred to as a miscarriage but where it is induced by medical procedures it is known as either medical abortion which is the abortion induced by taking pills or an in-clinic abortion which is the abortion induced by surgery. However, the number of weeks the pregnancy has been existing determines which of the two procedures is medically recommended. Though a miscarriage occurs naturally yet it may require medical or surgical attention to clear the womb once the pregnancy is confirmed to have been lost.

While a medically induced abortion is the exclusive right of a woman and protected under the law up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, teenagers could undergo medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy but under very strict conditions especially the consent of one or both parents. In the UK, report indicates that the abortion rate among teenagers continued to decline in the last six years reaching 12.8 per 1,000 teenagers in 2012 from 15 per 1,000 teenagers recorded for 2011.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service says that seeking to have an abortion is the exclusive right of every woman who suddenly finds herself carrying an unplanned pregnancy. There are a number of reasons why a woman might opt for an abortion and these include some personal situations like where there is a risk to the well-being of the existing children or the health of the mother. Also, if there is any medical indication that if the foetus is allowed to grow such that it leads to the birth of a child that the baby will have a serious health condition or abnormality such as physical disorder or genetic abnormality, an abortion may be needed.

As long as a pregnancy falls within the first 24 weeks and all other conditions are satisfied, an abortion may be legally done to terminate the pregnancy but most countries that have sweeping legal provisions for an abortion stipulates that the medical procedure must be done in a hospital or by a licensed specialist clinic and there must be a consensus between at least two medical doctors about the desirability of the procedure without causing any physical or mental health risk to the woman.