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Feminism is the name given to attempts made in the definition, establishment and achievement of different rights for women. These rights include culture, personal and economic issues. For instance, women could campaign in order for them to hold high positions in serving the public, to get remunerations as good as that received by men and to have properties of their own. Following is a discussion of feminism and sexuality as well as the theory of feminism.

Feminism and sexuality

Different arguments have been put forward by feminists on issues regarding sexuality. Issues encompassed on the sexuality debate include media representation and consenting to sex. As much as this debate still rages on, it was at its fiercest point around 1980s. On the issue of sex industry, one section of feminists is very critical. This section argues that by women taking part in the industry are being exploited and the entire business can be compared to rape. On the other hand, feminists that support the sex industry feel that workers are able to control their sexuality better and the industry provides an avenue for them to express themselves. Another issue regarding sexuality is the common ideology among many cultures where women barely have any right in making decisions regarding sexual expression. For instance, most cultures require a woman to be ready for sex with her husband at almost all times. As a result, if a man forcefully has sex with his wife, such an action would not be considered as abuse in most cultures. Therefore, some feminists feel that different forms of sexual entertainment or pornography just depict the real situation in the society.

Feminist theory

This theory attempts to get more details on the issue of gender inequality. In doing this, the theory takes a closer look at women and the way they are associated with different fields such as literature, communication and anthropology among others. Throughout history the body has been associated with women while men get the credit of mind association. One feminist Susan Bordo actually documented her views on this issue. She argued that men such as Aristotle and Descartes had always made intellectual and mind related discoveries or statements. This is unlike women who have been objectified in areas such as fashion, bearing of children and cosmetic surgery.

It is true that women deserve the same privileges as men as some feminists argue. But then again, these privileges cannot be given on a silver platter.