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What Should The Thesis Statement In A Compare-And-Contrast Essay Look Like

In a compare-and-contrast essay you have to compare two events, methods, ideas or people and come up with some conclusion about it. Such assignments are given to students so that they learn how to analyze various things and explain their differences or similarities. For example, in such a paper you can discuss what the differences are between a high school and a college. A thesis statement should indicate what will be compared and discussed in your paper. Also, this statement has to demonstrate the importance of the comparison. Here you can read some tips that will help you create a thesis statement for your compare-and-contrast essay.

  1. Create a thesis with a purpose.
  2. Firstly, you have to think about the direction in which you will develop your comparison. For example, if you choose a topic of sports games versus video games, it’ll be a very broad one. You should narrow it to “What is more entertaining for teenagers, playing video games or sports games”. In this case, you have a purpose and direction towards certain audience now. Examining even narrower topics may also impress your professor.

  3. Compare and contrast chosen subjects.
  4. Now, that you have developed a purpose, you can start comparing the characteristics of subjects. You can use graphic organizers to make your work more convenient. When comparison and analysis are complete, you can make a conclusion. For example, “Despite the advantages of video games, sports games provide teenagers with more positive emotions”.

  5. Choose the right words creating a thesis.
  6. Usually, you should begin your statement with words like “whereas” or “although”. An outcome of your comparison should follow the chosen conditional word. For example, “Although the advantages of video games benefit teenagers who like to stay at home, sports games provide teenagers with more positive emotions”. Now, you have two groups that take part in your comparison. A final judgment will relate to both of them in one way or another.

  7. Place your thesis in the right place.
  8. Usually, a good place for such a statement is in the end of the introduction. You should write the introduction properly for the statement to look logical, important, and arguable. In this way, you may hook up your readers and make them interested in your essay. An interested reader is a key to a successful academic paper. These tips are universal for any topic when it comes to compare-and-contrast essays. If you follow them carefully, you’ll get a high score for sure.