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Justifying An Evaluation Essay Outline: Writing Guidelines For Newbies

An evaluation essay is one that requires the author to completely explore and identify each aspect of a particular topic and provide detailed descriptions of its workings and functions, often passing judgment based on predetermined criteria or guidelines. The author of this paper seeks to determine whether or not the situation in play is warranted , or in the case of a person, if they are justified in their conduct. The following five points will provide you with a simple guideline of how to construct a proper evaluation essay:

  1. Gather the present facts
  2. The first thing you should do is make a list of all the known, established facts. The methods and sources of these facts must also be verifiable so include references where necessary. You do not have to provide a full reference section however, you could introduce external sources of information by structuring your sentences in the following manner: “According to the daily newspaper, the man was present at the crime scene.”

  3. Consider the circumstances that led to this outcome
  4. In life, many factors play a role in the outcome of any one situation and they are sometimes hard to identify. Based on only verifiable information, formulate theories on how circumstances became what they were and state whether or not they were a result of purposeful action by any individual or pure coincidence.

  5. Predict how these situations may affect the future
  6. In the same way the past can affect the present, present situations and actions will affect the future in ways that is often hard to predict.

  7. State possible alternatives and their feasibility
  8. An important angle for consideration is the possibility that there were or should have been alternatives to the circumstances that lead to the present outcome. You should explore these alternative in dept without being overly hypothetical, using ideas that can be supported by empirical evidence. You can also go into the reasons any participants may have had for the actions taken and show how they could or should have acted differently to achieve better or similar results.

  9. End with a final conclusive statement based on your preset criteria.
  10. Every author must begin an evaluation essay with a set of rules and guidelines by which to conduct their analysis. Your final paragraph must conclude with the judgment passed by the author, based on these guidelines, supported by evidence and should be stated as a factual, conclusive sentence.