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Helpful Tips on How to Come Up with a Good Topic for Your Persuasive Essay

It may be troublesome if you were assigned to write a persuasive essay on any topic of your choice. It is a lot easier to craft a paper on some pre-determined subject. However, now you have an opportunity to research an issue you’ve been long wondering about, and simultaneously boast of your creativity. In a good persuasive essay, you should convince the reader that your point of view is worth considering and is, perhaps, the most reasonable in this situation. If you don’t know how to create a good topic for your persuasive paper, make use of the following tips:


If you want to be convincing enough in your essay, take topic ideas that are interesting personally to you. Find a quiet place and think of as many ideas as you can. These should be the things you are really passionate about and issues you strongly believe in. Talk to your friends or family members, look through the newspapers, try to recollect what you have recently been arguing on in class or at home, etc. Write down your thoughts.

Pick topic ideas having enough evidence in support of your claim.

Your essay won’t be complete if you don’t have facts and details that prove your position. Conduct little research on the most interesting ideas and choose the ones that have solid background to rely upon.

Check if the evidence is grounded.

Make sure that the facts you are going to back your persuasive essay on are strong and true. Do not make things up to support your position.

Let your topic be unique and contemporary.

If you want to get a high mark, stand out from the crowd. Argue on the issue that is current and original. Essays on boring topics are repeated from year to year; try to be different and impress your teacher with something extraordinary to argue about.

Here is a list of interesting persuasive essay topics to spark your inspiration. Remember that you can take any position and argue either for or against the issue.