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Is Genetic Engineering Ethically Right

Genetic engineering involves artificial manipulation of genetic codes which leads to alteration of species. Genetic engineering is not limited to any theory a fact that has enabled people to change the very fundamentals of life in the world. However, the process and the results of genetic engineering have been a matter of debate since nineteen seventies, as it involves minimal limits despite human perceptions and moral values. Many people perceive that the world is on scientific revolution threshold which bring about one of the most conflicting concept. Most scholars argue that genetic engineering is ethically wrong, harmful and can result to conflicts within the society.

Impacts of Genetic Engineering

The genetic engineering moral dilemmas is what makes this concept so conflicting. Peoples are making extreme attempts in the universe role in revolution. Most scholars argue that genetic engineering is interfering with the genes natural process of random selection in search of traits passed from parent to young ones. Moreover, through genetic engineering, individuals are engaging in God’s role in creation by manipulating and selecting genes to be passed from parent to offspring.

The divided society concept in the foreseeable future is a troubling and possible consequence of genetic engineering. Naturally, the societies are divided by fluctuating equity degrees and prejudice. Now, with the present development of the genetic evolution, more serious segregation forms and the acceptance of these new prospects, the divided society is becoming real.

The discrimination and prejudice destructiveness of the genetic engineering is unmistakable. For instance, imagine living in a world whereby by the rich not only possess the authority but also been the superhuman. They can do things beyond normal human understanding. Therefore, genetic engineering will develop a huge gap between the high-class people who can comfortably access such technologies and the low-class individuals who primarily depend on the natural abilities. This implies that, genetic engineering would ensure that high-class families will dominate both political and social morals.

Technology and Genetic Engineering

The lack of sufficient technology is another area of debate in genetic engineering. Thinking on the technological impacts on the world is quite interesting, but the question remains, is human being prepared for the change? Genetic engineering has the ability to cure different forms of cancer and other chronic diseases; however, this technology may not be reliable as it is been perceived. Over seven years since the introduction of gene-therapy on people, no single complete cure has been report yet. Despite the technology looking so promising, it is yet at its infancy and therefore, with the present look of things, genetic engineering is ethically wrong and dangerous.