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How I Developed My Tastes In Music

As we will see later on, my nanny was the very first person to inspire me to enjoy a lifetime’s worth of music, but in addition to my nanny, I would have to say that my mom and dad were one of the first people who influenced me and molded my interests concerning music. My mom came from America of which she had exposure to the music of choice for nearly all Americans – Rock and Roll. Yet, in the midst of listening to Bon Jovi, Styx and many others she also made room for country, classical and bluegrass.

My father, on the other hand, listened mostly to Brazilian Salsa. My mother once told me that for the six months that my mom and dad dated, he took her to all of the salsa dance halls and taught her how to dance Brazilian style. Although Salsa is an accepted dance in Brazil the one dance that my parents loved the most and that was the Lambada. Even nineteen years ago the Lambada, or what is best known in America as the “Forbidden dance”, was already banned throughout Brazil. This still did not stop my father from knowing of an underground dance hall where the Lambada ruled. Also, when I turned eighteen, my father took me and my girlfriend Erika Reichardt to a dance hall so Erika and I could learn this erotic dance. Is was not long until Erika and I were dancing this dance.

Erika, who is now my fiancée, and I have danced many nights to the Lambada.

I have been in America for one year and I brought Erika along with me. Since then I have began to change my musical tastes. As far as I know, Brazil is the only place that I can dance the Lambada or listen to Brazilian Salsa. So, Erika and I have been going to the nightclubs and we are really getting interested in dance club music. Lady Gaga is our favorite artist. Naturally, there are other artists that are singing but I do not really know the names of those other singers.

Probably the other form of music that I listen to is rap, that can be soft-core or the hardcore gangsta rap. I like them both. Dr. Dre is my favorite rapper and Eminem is my second favorite. In fact, Erika and I listen to both artists and many more on Sirius Satellite radio. Sirius XM carries many R&B and rap channels. Eminem even has his own channel.

Most likely the best way that I can express myself through music is to sing or rap along with the music. Another way is to take Erika to the clubs and dance. One of the best ways anyone can express themselves through music is through dance.