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90'S VS Today's Cartoons

People who were cognizant in the nineties often look back on that decade with a fond nostalgia. It was a different time. The music was less electronic, the fashions less bizarre and the television had a different flavor altogether. This essay will provide a brief analysis of the difference between the cartoons produced in that decade and those currently in rotation at present.

Adult versus minor audiences

Today there are cartoons that have layers for viewers of all ages to enjoy. This allows parents who watch television with their children to be interested in what they are watching albeit for different reasons. Not all shows straddle this line well but may of them do. There are however many more animated shows that are intended exclusively for adults. While their plots may not be pornographic, they are laden with themes that are not appropriate for children and indeed children were not their intended audience in any case.

Concepts of political correctness

There was a certain degree of cultural insensitivity that was permissible in the nineties and even more so in previous decades that today’s animated features are less likely to possess. This is a result of gradual changes in the ideas of right and wrong which are normal as societies develop. This also applies to the level of violence that was once permitted in shows targeted at children below the age of twelve. The plots of many shows were actually based on one specific character being the victim of repeated ‘humorous’ physical assaults by another. These acts were always framed so that the injured party would appear to be at fault but they occur regularly all the same. Without these instances, there would not be much to watch at all.

Improved artistry

Modern cartoonists have access to a host of tools and software options that their predecessors could not have ever dreamed of. With even a fraction of the talent they are able to create several times more realistic effects and even amateurs can create fairly decent productions from their own homes. This makes the cost of releasing your own animated movie or short bearable no matter where you are.

The passage of time will always make some things better and others worse and this is not different in the field of animation. Many mourn the lost simplicity of bygone years while simultaneously celebrating the advancements that have taken place.