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Exciting Essay Topics On Othello To Catch Your Teacher's Eye

Othello is one of the most discussed plays of the mighty William Shakespeare. It is amazing how the story still holds relevance and shades of its premise can still be found in common lives. It goes without saying that Othello offers wonderful resource for essay topics.

The underlining

The story may appear superficial but Shakespeare had that amazing knack of writing layered plays. On careful analysis, students can actually read what braced the characters to act as they did. Was it the effects of those times or weakness of the characters? Was there actual merit in Othello’s judgment or did Desdemona pay for Cassio’s submissiveness?

Othello and Hamlet

There are clear interlinks between Othello and Hamlet. Both characters have anti-hero traits and begin to grudge their environment in due course. Shakespeare’s character evolution is so superlative that writers of this day still emulate the method of deep shading their characters to make them more realistic. A thousand essay topics can fly out of his plays.

An analytical mind

Students should go through Othello with fresh analytical mind before taking on Othello essays. It is very easy to write linear essays on the topic as the story is quite popular. Offering a different perspective in the essays is what Shakespeare may be wishing for in heaven.

Here are 10 exciting essay topics which can always elicit fascinating discussion –

  1. Compare and contrast the characters of Iago in Othello and Cassius in Julius Caesar
  2. Evaluate the utilization of angst by Shakespeare; as is evident in many of his plays
  3. How do you sketch Othello’s character – Strong or weak! Keep the circumstances and general proclivity of the times in mind
  4. Evaluate the position of women in Shakespeare’s plays. While Portia (Merchant of Venice) is quite strong; characters like Ophelia and Desdemona have been sidelined.
  5. Is the story a summation of the maxim ‘Married in haste, we may repent at leisure’?
  6. Assess the comical timing of Shakespeare to somewhat dilute the macabre nature of his tragedies
  7. Assess Iago’s soliloquies and state how they are a reflection of the fickle mindset of those times
  8. Compare the depth of the play Othello with that of Hamlet. Where do you think the former or latter missed the bus?
  9. Is the character of Othello offer an opinion of platitude that racism was quite relevant in those times or is his skin tone just incidental?
  10. Emphasize on the brilliant portrayal of dominance of jealousy over love