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Simple Ways of Composing a Five-Paragraph Informative Essay Effortlessly

A basic five-paragraph informative essay can be written with just a few simple steps. This effortless process can often be done in an hour or two, leaving you with free time to see your friends, work on other homework, or do one of your hobbies. The great thing about mastering the five-paragraph essay is that the ideas can be used on future papers in your school career, regardless of their length.

Step #1: Brainstorming

This step will help you choose your topic. Begin by coming up with a list of ideas that are interesting to you that you believe you can write information about. Remember that you only have to write five paragraphs, and try narrowing your topic accordingly. Once you have a list of ideas, choose the 3-5 that are most interesting to you for the next step.

Step #2: Preliminary Research and Finalizing Your Topic

Take the handful of topics you chose at the end of the last step and conduct preliminary research. Decide exactly what you want to say about each topic, and then conduct the research to be sure the topic will not too broad or narrow to write five paragraphs on. Remember that this will include an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

Step #3: Research Your Topic

In this step, you will find all of the facts that you need to support your main idea. Remember that your goal here is to inform your reader about something, and you cannot do this without proper facts. Be sure that you ask your teacher if you will need to provide sources for your information before you begin research. This way, if necessary, you can make detailed notes of where your facts were found.

Step #4: Organize Your Essay

Once you have all of your facts, it is time to organize your paper. You can do this by writing out an outline or by writing the facts out on note cards to organize them. As you group facts that explain your topic, try to organize them into three separate paragraphs according to relevance. If you any particular fact that stands out, you can place it in the introduction or conclusion paragraph to make an impact.

Step #5: Write Your Paper

With all of your information organized, you are ready to write your five-paragraph informative essay. Be sure that you have an introduction, a conclusion, and three body paragraphs that support your idea.