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What Makes A Good Discursive Essay - Free Tutorial

Writing is a skill. Writing essays for instance can either be easy or hard depending on which angle you view it. For instance, a lot of people can fill a blank paper with ink and call it a discursive essay. But in reality, what does a discursive essay look like? Read the article below to learn more.

Generally, a great essay is supposed to be clear, logical, well-structured, credible and interesting. Most writers are only able to make their essay look logical and well structured. However, the elements of clarity focus and credibility seems to miss in most beginning writers. But then how do we approach this arduous task of writing discursive essays?

Explain the situation in your essay at the introduction stage

First of all, explain the problem or situation in your essay in a single sentence. You achieve this very well by using relevant quotations and rhetorical questions. After that, point out both sides of your argument, one at a time. Start by stating the first side of the argument; state the second and probably sum up all you want to discuss in your essay in the final sentence of your introduction.


A good discursive essay should have a unique style that is not only captivating to the readers but one that is also credible. Sentences in these essays are short and formal. Jargon and any form of slang language should always be avoided in a discursive essay. Additionally, involve your readers by using figurative language, but limit them since your main point is to state facts. Also, back up your main points with supporting details to make your article as credible as possible.

Be objective

A discursive essay is supposed to express both sides of the argument. As such, it should never use the first pronoun ‘I’ and should have limited use of words that suggest inconclusive ideas. Examples of such words are ‘could be’ ‘may’ or ‘might.’ In addition a good discursive essay should have few or no exclamations or extreme adjectives.

Should use relevant vocabulary and structure to topic

Your essay should use only words that express arguments as they are supposed to appear. Any embellishments or contradictory remarks should never appear in these types of essays. Finally, your conclusion must reflect on your argument or refer back to the title without necessarily repeating it.