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Journey of the Titanic

The Titanic a passenger liner is well known for the massive loss of lives that occurred during the time its accident occurred. The Titanic sank on the North of Atlantic Ocean. The Journey of the Titanic started on April 10, 1912 in Southampton. The Journey of the Titanic was towards New York in the US. In the voyage, the Titanic had 2,224 people. The accident that occurred to the Titanic is considered to be one of the fatal and most dangerous in maritime. Approximately 1,500 people perished. This was one of the major unfortunate incidents in the history of Maritime. The accident is termed as the disaster as what happened to the Titanic was not anything even closer to human control. The saddening story of the Journey of the Titanic is still a significant historical event and is one of the most tragic. Wolff and Harland are among those who took part in the making and construction of the Titanic. Thomas Andrews, who also participated in building and making of the Titanic, unfortunately, died in the accident that occurred during the Journey of the Titanic.

Journey of the Titanic: The Accident

The accident that resulted in the Titanic sinking was an unfortunate incident in History. The accident occurred after the Titanic and an iceberg collided during the voyage. The collision caused the sinking of the Titanic. The accident claimed more than 1500 people's lives. During the attempts to save people from the sinking vessel the Titanic, the major challenge was the small number of lifesaving boats. There was no preparedness for the disaster. The preparedness availed was insufficient. Communication, when the incident caused havoc and shock, was also ineffective. The women and children were given priority after which the soldiers started using the life-saving boats to save their lives. Most of the men thus found themselves still trapped in the boat by the time the boat sank. Approximately 705 people had been rescued at the time the Titanic sank.

Cargo in the Journey of the Titanic

Aboard were some of the wealthiest people in the world history. There were also several immigrants with the hope of bettering their lives in America. The Titanic apart from the high number of individuals who were on board had a lot of cargoes. The passengers in the ship had also carried with them a lot of luggage on the journey.