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How to Pick Strong Argumentative Essay Topics: 5 Features of a Good Topic

Throughout your entire school career, regardless of the class, you will likely be asked to write an argumentative essay multiple times. This type of essay strives to persuade the reader on a certain belief or perspective, but it is important to argue the point effectively. If not, you run the risk of losing your reader or worse – credibility. If you doubt your writing skills, or just aren’t too well versed on writing argumentative essays, here are 5 things all good topics possess:

  1. It must have two sides: As obvious as it sounds, it’s important to always be able to identify the two opposing sides of any topic. If there seems to be some gray area or ambiguity, your topic may not be strong enough. Work to hone in on more specific details of it, or explore new ideas. By the end of your paper, you want to have convinced your reader that your side is the right side. Papers that seem confusing or vague may lose themselves to the content rather than persevering with an argument. It’s also important to always acknowledge the opposing side when arguing your point, this will enhance your credibility.

  2. Choose something you believe in: When writing about a topic that you don’t really care about, you may not argue it as well as you could. As such, it is important to always choose something that you feel strongly about so that you can make more solid and valid points. Just because your topic might be controversial, it may not necessarily be the best thing for you to discuss if you aren’t personally invested in it anyway.

  3. Choose something creative and unique: Most teachers have already heard more than enough essays about the legality of abortion and the war on drugs, so choose topics that are refreshing and original. This will captivate your audience more than one of those dated arguments, and will also leave a more resounding impression on your audience.

  4. Make sure your topic has research: Though you may be biased in your paper, it’s important to always remain objective. Persuade your reader with facts rather than opinions. Good topics have a lot of research to support both sides of any argument, so if you find that your topic doesn’t really turn up much evidence, that may be a sign your topic isn’t strong enough.

  5. Credible sources: Make sure that all supporting research for your paper has credible sources of information. Taking facts or evidence from a source that’s not valid or respected will hurt your argument and your overall paper.