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List Of Interesting Prompts For A Literature Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is probably the most popular play of all times. So, many students are assigned to read it and write an essay about the ideas presented in the play. Writing this assignment starts with choosing an interesting topic. There are a few ways to come up with an outstanding prompt, including those presented below.

Choosing a Good Prompt for Your Literature Essay: Helpful Guidelines

You should revise the requirements of your instructor carefully, read the class notes about Romeo and Juliet, and spend some time considering different topic ideas. Some students brainstorm with their peers while others prefer working on their assignments alone. You can create an idea web, write down all the ideas that come to your mind, or find a list of sample prompts to get inspired.

It is important to ensure that a potential topic is narrow enough to be described in the scope of your paper. You should also remember that this is a literature essay, so you need to provide examples and evidence from the play. Therefore, you should read Romeo and Juliet carefully before you start working on the assignment.

Sample Prompts for an Essay on Romeo and Juliet

It is easier to avoid procrastination if you know what other students write their papers about. In other words, you may get sample essays at your school’s library or get a list of prompts on the Web. The following interesting ideas are worth considering: