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White-Collar Or Corporate Crime

Crime comes in many forms. The majority of the criminal justice system is devoted to the capture and processing of people who engage in visible deviant acts. On the other hand there are people known as white collar criminals whose acts mainly involve fraud, mismanagement of funds or other acts that require close access to other people’s assets to pull off. The reasons for the difference in treatment of both types of criminals will be explained in this essay.


In general, the people who engage in financially criminal acts tend to be in positions where they have access to a large sum of other people’s money. The average man on the street will not be allowed to have access to sensitive information or the funds themselves. These are often men (rather than women) who are therefore powerful in their fields. It is highly unlikely that people who wield that type of power will be accosted with charges unless they have done something especially heinous.


Some of the most popular financial heists have been committed by people who have magnetic personalities. This means that they can convince others easily to do things that would otherwise be obviously unwise to them. This helps them to not be convicted as well because they can turn this personality to their favor in the swaying of law enforcement personnel as well as juries if they reach all the way to the court room.


As much as there are people who have been sworn to uphold the law, and not be swayed from their path, it is not unheard of for such people to be financially led astray. People who have earned large sums of money under fraudulent means are in the best possible position to offer bribes. They have the means and have already proven themselves to be not have moral hang-ups.


If a man on the street were to snatch and old woman’s wallet, every passerby would see it happen and label him a criminal. If a man in an office were to steal the money from thousands of his employees’ pension funds, it would not be as easy to see. This distance makes it harder for people to connect the act and the actor and sometimes people escape jurisdictions before their acts are uncovered.

Criminal acts are destructive to society regardless of whether or not they are committed by wealthy people with power. As law enforcement gets wise to this, societies will change.